About Us

                        Our strategy leverages our ability to deliver game changing technology and create an exceptional customer experience to help meet the growing consumer demand for polyethylene in the Americas.
                        In our pursuit, NOVA Chemicals has several key strategic priorities including:
                        1. Growing significantly beyond our traditionally Canadian production footprint, which includes gaining additional access to the U.S. Gulf Coast feedstock and supplying our customer markets in the Americas.
                        2. Delivering game changing technology that makes tomorrow even better than today.
                        3. Being actively sought after by all of our stakeholders.

                        Purpose, Mission & Values

                        To help shape a world where products vital to our health and happiness are even better tomorrow than they are today.
                        To be the leader in innovation that enables our customers to deliver plastic products that make everyday life healthier, easier and safer.?
                        Be Responsible
                        Be Passionate

                        Fast Facts

                        Fast Facts
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                        Polyethylene Overview

                        NOVA Chemicals polyethylene technology and experience enable us to create high-quality, high-performing resins under three brand families – SURPASS?, SCLAIR?, and NOVAPOL? resins. Our team of experts work closely with customers to solve their most complex business challenges. We are inspired by the opportunity to work together to solve problems and meet their goals.
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                        Expandable Styrenics Overview

                        NOVA Chemicals Expandable Styrenics division provides a complete portfolio of foam resin solutions to our valued customers. We manufacture a robust line of product grades under two brand families - expandable polystyrene (EPS) and ARCEL? resin for a multitude of industries including construction, protective and temperature controlled packaging, cups and containers, material handling, safety and more.
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